R&D Center

R&D Center

Placing great importance to R&D and innovation since its establishment, EYS accelerated its R&D studies with the tittle of 367th R&D Center of Turkey with support of Ministry of Industry in 2017. R&D center has completed dozens of projects by making use of many supports and contributed to development of country. R&D Center continues to operate with 15 researchers, 5 technicians and 10 support personnel.

Adopting the principle of minimum power consumption and maximum efficiency in all designs, EYS R&D team offers environmentally friendly solutions and designs its products that last long in harsh conditions.

Dozens of project developments and product improvements are carried out every year. Submersible pump and mixer designs for manure pits and wastewater treatment plants continue at full speed with its expert engineer team. After the design and CFD analysis, the models produced by the 3D printing method are tested in trial pools. Prototypes are produced for the models that are successful as a result of the test, and tests are carried out in real conditions. Products that complete the field test are added to the product range.

Carrying out all its processes with an innovative approach, EYS R&D Center takes firm steps to the future by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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