About Us

About EYS

We provide new solutions every year for

the ever-changing needs of our customer network all over the world. From scrapers to pumps and mixers, separation to filtration, composting to field applications, we offer the widest range of products and models imaginable in the world of manure management. We set the standard in what we do by offering our product range aimed at the future.

Manure can be a real headache if it is not used properly, but it can also become a valuable product if it is processed correctly. Regardless of the size of your business, we design and implement the most practical manure management system for your farm from start to finish. We not only offer a well-designed manure management system, but also turn your organic waste into an additional source of income for your business. With our state-of-the-art composting and biogas solutions, we focus on minimizing your initial construction costs and maximizing long-term operational savings so that you can make significant profits from your manure. You can rely on industry-leading solutions of EYS for a sustainable farm operation, from collecting waste from inside the barn to applying the final processed product to the land.

And what’s more – you will be helping the environment for a more sustainable life on Earth. Manure has never been so exciting before!


Our Mission & Vision

We strive to offer practical solutions to organics recycling problems by putting to use our knowledge and experience in manure management, dewatering and composting solutions. We offer innovative and quality products to shape the future of environmental and agricultural sectors.