Service / Spare Parts

Service / Spare Parts

We provide you full-time technical support and original spare parts with our branches in Turkey and our solution partners in the World.

In order to maintain our high quality standards to your complete satisfaction, we offer regularly inhouse trainings on the subject to service and spare parts.


We offer professional support to install and operating for our products


Regular inspection and maintenance by our qualified service team increases operational safety and reliability and running costs are reduced.


We provide commissioning, operation and maintenance training of all our equipment to authorized personnel who will use our products.

Repair service

We meet the repair needs of our customers in our factory, branches and authorized dealers.

Orginal spare parts

Using original spare parts from EYS, we guarantee the full restoration of the service and performance of our products. With decades of skill and experience as a manufacturer, you can rely on our first class manufacturer quality, protecting the long service life of your equipment.