As leading company in manure management, EYS exports and provide aftersales service to 85 countries around the world. Screw press manure separators, submersible pumps and mixers, bedding composters, scrapers, shredders, windrow turners and packaging units are working all around globe.

In order to continue this successful process, all products are manufactured with utmost care with maximum sense of quality in every stage of production. Each product is individually tested before shipment for optimum performance.

First 10.000 m² closed production area involves CNC centers, laser cutting machines, welding robots, warehouse and test pits. Second 10.000 m² closed area involves assembly yards for each product group and quality control stages. With innovative approach, young and dynamic staff in 20.000 m² closed area, EYS work continuously and contribute to country’s economy.

In addition to headquarters in Turkey, we are advancing to shape the future stronger with our sister company EYS GmbH in Germany.

EYS in the World 

With our dealer network spread all over the World.




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